” I wanted to say a few words & a personal THANK YOU to so many people.

Yesterday at Hullavington was my responsibility. I admit that until I saw the runway filling up with bikes it was hard for me to imagine the sheer scale of the job in hand.
In order to get the numbers up from 2,000 I had made assurances to various authorities as regards the running of the day.The main guarantee was that we would try and clear the base by 2pm, to enable order to be restored in the Bassett. Decreased waiting times were also a huge aim of the day.

As I watched the last bike roll off the base at 2pm, on a day when nearly 10,000 bikes had been sent on a ride in just 5 hours, with no extended waiting times & without serious incident, the pride I felt was immense.

That pride was aimed at so many people . . . .

Thank You to each & every marshall who turned up at an ungodly hour to a very grim & misty base & then stood for over 8 hours doing their jobs without complaint & in a courteous manner. Working with you on the day is a memory I will cherish.

Thank You to Wiltshire police for your enormous help & professionalism. Not just for yesterday, but for the months leading up to the ride.

Thank You to the MOD, especially the boys & girls at Buckley Barracks for your generosity in loaning us the base & all the effort that you put into making yesterday a great day.

Thank You to Unity Riders one & all for your incredible contribution & the slick way you handled your jobs.

Thank You to the people of Wootton Bassett for making us so welcome.

Thank You to Red, Suggsy & Biker Fm for your continued support, both over the last few months & on the day.

Thank You to you, each & everyone of you who attended yesterday from all corners of the country. Your cheery understanding approach to the day made my job & that of everyone else involved not only easy, but a pleasure.

I personally salute each & everyone of you. From the bottom of my heart, it was an honour to be a part of your day. “

Ride of respect